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Simbolos de galicia

The shield of Galicia


The shield of Galicia was officially incorporated by the Law 5 / 1984 (Law of the symbols of Galicia), which describes its composition and regulates the use in the region. It is included in the regional flag in the centre placed on the blue band that crosses from the upper left to lower right. It consists of a gold chalice with a silver host, accompanied by seven crosses cut from the same metal, three on each side and one on the centre. Then comes the stamp, royal crown, lined with red. It is a golden circle set with precious stones, composed of eight rosettes of acanthus leaves and from each of these leaves come out five diadems of pearls that converge in an azure world, with a half meridian and the equator in gold, and an added golden cross

By law, the shield of Galicia should appear on the flags that are referred to in the Article 5 of the Law of Symbols of Galicia, in the laws enacted by the President of the Government of Galicia, on the plaques of the facades of public buildings of the autonomous administration, in the dry stamps and sealing wax stamps of the autonomous region, in supporting documents of Galician condecorations, in documents, forms, stamps and letterheads for official use, as well as diplomas and certificates.

    Simbolos de galiciaShield colors:
  • Azur: Blue 270,0 50,0 40,0
  • Gules: Red 30,0 65,0 37,0
  • Sinople: Green 160,0 41,0 31,0
  • Silver: Silver 255,0 3,0 72,0
  • Gold: Gold 85,0 35,0 60,0