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The Flag

Simbolos de galicia

Simbolos de galiciaFlag dimensions:

The flag of Galicia will have a length of 3 / 2 of its width and the band´s width will be equal to a quarter of the width of the flag.

Simbolos de galiciaShield position:

In the flags, the shield will be placed in the center and its height will be equal to half the width of the flag.

Simbolos de galiciaThe colors of the flag and shield of Galicia:

There are colors that are specified according to the UNE 72-032 regulation, international equivalent to CIELAB.

For all these colors will govern a tolerance of ten units of color difference, according to the system UNE 72-036, also equivalent to the corresponding CIELAB standard.

    Simbolos de galiciaFlag colors:
  • White: White pattern on 270,0 0,0 95,0
  • Blue: Blue 255,0 30,0 70,0
    Simbolos de galiciaShield colors:
  • Azur: Blue 270,0 50,0 40,0
  • Gules: Red 30,0 65,0 37,0
  • Sinople: Green 160,0 41,0 31,0
  • Silver: Silver 255,0 3,0 72,0
  • Gold: Gold 85,0 35,0 60,0
Simbolos de galicia